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We Offer New and Used Oak Barrels at Affordable Prices

Harvest Express is the best place to shop if you are in search of wine barrels for sale. Not only do we have a large selection of oak wine barrels, we also carry used oak barrels for sale. We offer this to our customers at affordable prices. Harvest Express is the premier place to purchase new and used oak barrels for your winemaking needs. We offer an impressive selection of oak barrels in various sizes, spigots, and oak barrel racks. Our oak gallon racks range from five gallons to 30 gallons. Our oak wine barrels range from three gallons to 59 gallons. We also have five and 10 gallon racks for oak barrels. Whether new or used, we’ve got you covered.

Oak Is Important for Wine

Oak has been used in winemaking for a long time and plays an important role in the color, taste, and texture of the wine. There are chemicals in oak that can produce various flavors, like vanilla, producing a sweet taste. Harvest Express understands this fact, which is why we offer new and used oak barrels for sale. The amount of time a wine spends in the barrel depends on the type and style of wine you are producing. The bulk of the oak flavoring is passed on in the first few months during which the wine comes in contact with the oak. Longer exposure can also have an effect on the wine. The light exposure to air the barrel allows helps speed up the aging process. Check out our selection of wine barrels for sale for your vineyard. We have used oak barrels for sale, and our affordable pricing cannot be beat.