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In general, Cabernet Franc is very similar to Cabernet Sauvignon, but buds and ripens at least a week earlier. This trait allows the vine to thrive in climates, such as the Loire Valley, cooler than what Cabernet Sauvignon would ripen consistently in. In Bordeaux, plantings of Cabernet Franc are treated as an "insurance policy" against incremental weather close to harvest that may damage plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon. Its early budding does pose the viticultural hazard of coulure early in the growing season.[3] The vine is vigorous and upright, with dark-green, 5-lobed leaves. The winged bunches are elongate and small-medium in size. The berries are quite small and blue-black in color, with fairly thin skins.[2] The Cabernet Franc grapevine is more prone to mutation than Cabernet Sauvignon but doesn't mutate as often as Pinot noir.[4] Cabernet Franc can adapt to a wide variety of vineyard soil types but seems to thrive in the sandy, chalk soils. The concentration of sand in the soil can affect the resulting wines with heavier, more full bodied wines tending to come from these soil types. In the Loire Valley, terroir based differences can be perceived in wines grown in gravel terraces in contrast to tuffeau slopes. The grape can be highly sensitive to yields with over cropping tending to produce wines with more green, vegetal notes.
Suitable Zones:
This vine is suiteable for zones 6, 7, 8, 9, 10