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Viognier can be a difficult grape to grow because it is prone to powdery mildew. It also has low and unpredictable yields and needs to be picked only when fully ripe. When the grape is picked too early, it fails to develop the full extent of its aromas and tastes. When picked too late the grape produces wine that is oily and lacking perfume. Winemakers in the Condrieu often pick the grapes with a level of sugar that eventually will produce wine with alcohol in the 13% range.[4] When fully ripen the grapes have a deep yellow color and produce wine high in alcohol with a strong perfume.[1] The grape prefers warmer environments and a long growing season, but can grow in cooler areas as well. In France, the Mistral atmospheric phenomenon has a distinct effect on the Viognier vineyards in the Northern Rhone. The wind acts as a tempering agent to the Mediterranean climate of the regions, cooling the vines down after the severe heat of the summer time season.[4] Wine expert Remington Norman has identified two distinct strains of Viognier—an "Old World" strain, most common in Condrieu, and a "New World" strain, which is found is the Languedoc and other areas. While being the same grape, the two different strains seem to produce distinctly different wines.[3] The age of the vine also has an effect on the quality of the wine produced with Viognier vines starting to hit their peak after 15-20 years. In the Rhone, there are vines of at least 70 years of age.[5]
Suitable Zones:
This vine is suiteable for zones 6, 7, 8, 9, 10