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Try Our Bamboo Stakes for Your Gardening Needs

Are you an avid gardener or farmer? Are you always looking for the best option or method to reach a goal? At Harvest Express, we recommend you put down the wooden stakes and try our bamboo garden stakes and bamboo planting stakes for your next project. In fact, it is reported that bamboo stakes can be up to three times stronger than wooden stakes. They are an ideal option for your garden, containers, or just for field staking. Bamboo is the perfect tool for your gardening needs. It is tough, light, economical, and can withstand a few seasons. It is also versatile and with little effort, can be built into whatever fits your needs.

Bamboo Stakes Offer Support and Guidance

At Harvest Express, our bamboo planting stakes come in three sizes: three feet, five feet and six feet. All three are 3/8” diameter. They are perfect for vineyards because they even out the vertical growth of new plants and offer support. The larger bamboo garden stakes can help guide plants to the height of the fence. We are also offering a deal on bamboo stakes. The more of them you buy from us, the more you will save. For example, purchase between 20 and 40 bamboo stakes and receive a five percent discount. The discount increases by increments of five percent with larger purchases. We are always here to help you with your gardening needs and have many resources on our website that are designed to help our customers succeed at becoming the best gardeners they can be.