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Planting Instructions


We recommend using planting sleeves on all grafted and natural rootings. If you choose to plant your vines your way, we will not replace any vines lost. Our guarantee is valid only when vines are properly planted and cared for. Please follow our instructions. Please use planting sleeves.

Planting instructions for dormant grapevines

  1. Dig a hole 10 inches round 18 inches deep, or deeper if rooted cutting is bigger.
  2. Insert rooted cutting to the bottom of the hole.
  3. Raise natural rooting so that approximately 2 inches of the top of the rooted cutting is above soil level.
  4. While holding the rooted cutting at the proper level, fill hole with herbicide free moist soil and tamp (pack) to remove voids and/or air pockets.
  5. Your irrigation system must be installed and functioning before planting. A full irrigation immediately after planting is a requirement to settle the soil around the roots.
  6. Using a planting sleeve is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to protect the newly planted rooting from drying out. It is ESSENTIAL to protect vines if you are planting after the growing season has begun in your area. Vines planted directly out of cold storage at that time are particularly susceptible to DESICCATION (dehydration) without the protection of a planting sleeve.
  7. Apply the planting sleeve over the vine, after you irrigate. Once the carton is over the vine, push the carton approximately 1 to 2 inches into the moist soil. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please call us (559) 213-2424.
  8. Use good judgment when irrigating newly planted vines. AVOID OVER WATERING once the soil around the roots has been settled. Over irrigation in the spring excludes oxygen, STUNTING or KILLING plants. Under watering will also kill the plants - be diligent with your irrigation.

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Please note: will not replace any grapevines that have not been planted according to these directions. You are encouraged to purchase planting sleeves.