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Harvest Express has been providing products and services for the Vineyard industry online for more than 12 years. We are proud to introduce a product that bridges the online service and our core installation services. Our knowledge, products and ability to produce high quality vineyards is now a service available to you!

From the initial consultation to the final installation Harvest Express can be as involved as you need. Our prices are competitive and our experience will save you money at every phase of development. Our nursery and materials department is a direct buyer and extends this price benefit directly to you.

Harvest Express can be involved at any of the following phases - 3 acre minimum:

  • Analysis and Design
    • Irrigation Design
    • Plant and Rootstock Selection
    • Strategic Planning
    • Trellis Selection
  • Land prep including ripping, disking, soil ammending
  • Vineyard layout
    • Row and plant marking
    • Irrigation marking
    • Trellis posts and plant stake marking
  • Trellis Installation
    • End posts
    • Row posts
    • Wire
    • Crossarms
  • Irrigation Installation
    • Valve, Pump, Filter installation
    • Drip material installation
  • Planting
    • Prep soil for planting
    • Plant
    • Stake
    • Sleeve

Each of these services can be provided individually, as groups or a complete package.

Call (800) 595-3754 or email for more information!!!