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1212GHTWCLW   10 12.5 Gauge H.T. Galvanized Wire (4,000 feet)
14GHTWCLW   10 14 Gauge H.T. Galvanized Layer Wound Wire (5,600 feet)
100gavl96   10 Arrow Vertical Line Stake 96"
795gtp   10 Bundled .95# Unpainted T-Post 7' (10 per bundle)
7125gtp   10 Bundled 1.25# Unpainted T-Post 7' (10 per bundle)
7125stp   10 Bundled 1.25# Unpainted T-Post with Spade 7' (10 per bundle)
100gcevl96   10 Crimped Edge Stake 96"
100gss96   10 Super Stake 96"
078gssg96   10 Super Stake GRANDE 96"
124bs   100 1/2" by 4' Bamboo Planting Stake (12mm-14mm)
125bs   100 1/2" by 5' Bamboo Planting Stake (12mm-14mm)
126bs   100 1/2" by 6' Bamboo Planting Stake (12mm-14mm)
346bs   100 3/4" by 5' Bamboo Planting Stake (18mm-20mm)
384ts   100 3/8" by 4' Rebar Permanent Stake
585bs   100 5/8" by 5' Bamboo Planting Stake (16mm-18mm)
586bs   100 5/8" by 6' Bamboo Planting Stake (16mm-18mm)
7324ts   100 7/32" by 4' Rebar Permanent Stake
12vlc   12g Wire Connector
24TLT   24" Tan Double Wall Plastic Grow Tubes
bambplant538   5 ft. Bamboo Planting Stakes 3/8"
Cabernet-Sauvignon-50   50 Cabernet Sauvignon Special
vine-special   50 Vine Special
bambplant638   6 ft. Bamboo Planting Stakes 3/8"
Alicante-Bouschet   Alicante Bouschet
Autumn-Royal   Autumn Royal
Barbera   Barbera
Black-Corinth   Black Corinth
Black-Seedless   Black Seedless
CC   C Clips For Bird Netting - 1,000
Cabernet-Franc   Cabernet Franc
Cabernet-Sauvignon   Cabernet Sauvignon
Calmeria-Green-Grap   Calmeria Green Grape
Carignane   Carignane (Carignan)
Charbono-Grapevines   Charbono Grapevines
Chardonnay   Chardonnay
Chenin-Blanc   Chenin Blanc
Christmas-Rose-Grapevines   Christmas Rose Grapevines
Concord-Grapevines   Concord Grapevines
Crimson-Seedless   Crimson Seedless
demo   Demo Product
Durif   Durif (Petit Syrah)
Fiesta   Fiesta
Columbard   French Columbard
FW12   FW1-2 14 GA. CRIMP SLEEVES 100 Pieces
FW23   FW2-3 12-13GA CRIMP SLEEVES 100 pieces - 1/2" Long
Gamay   Gamay
Gewurztraminer   Gewurztraminer
Grenache   Grenache
Grenache_BLanc   Grenache Blanc
MGPP   Gripple Tool
JSBN141   J/S BIRD NETTING 14' X 1,000' (Ornex LM)
JSBN14500   J/S BIRD NETTING 14' X 500' (Ornex LM)
JSBN1715   J/S BIRD NETTING 17' X 15000' (Ornex LM)
Malbec   Malbec Grapevines
Merlot   Merlot Grapevines
Mouvedre   Mouvedre Grapevines
Muscat-Canelli   Muscat Canelli Grapevines
Muscat-of-Alexandria   Muscat of Alexandria
Nebbiolo-Grapevines   Nebbiolo Grapevines
Orange-Muscat   Orange Muscat
Petit-Verdot   Petit Verdot
Pinot-Blanc   Pinot Blanc
Pinot-Grigio   Pinot Grigio
Pinot-Noir   Pinot Noir
Planting-Sleeves   Planting Sleeves
Primitivo   Primitivo
Princess-Grape   Princess Grape
Red-Globe   Red Globe
Riesling   Riesling
Ruby-Cabernet   Ruby Cabernet
Sauvignon-Blanc   Sauvignon Blanc
Semillon-Grapevines   Semillon Grapevines
Shiraz-Grapevines   Shiraz Grapevines
SG   Small 14 Gauge Wire Gripple - 50 qty
Syrah   Syrah
Syrah-Special-Pricing   Syrah Special Pricing - 15 Syrah, 15 Planting Sleeves
Tempranillo-Grapevines   Tempranillo Grapevines
Thompson-Seedless   Thompson Seedless
Touriga-Nacional   Touriga Nacional
BBQCuttings5lb   Vineyard Cuttings for BBQ 5lbs.
Viognier   Viognier
Zinfandel   Zinfandel Grapevines

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