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Syrah Special Pricing - 15 Syrah, 15 Planting Sleeves, Free Shipping!!!
Syrah Special Pricing - 15 Syrah, 15 Planting Sleeves, Free Shipping!!!

Our Price: $185.00


Get 15 Syrah Grapevines, 15 Planting Sleeves & Free Shipping!!! --- Syrah is a dark-skinned variety of grape used in wine. Syrah is grown in many countries and is primarily used to produce powerful red wines, which enjoy great popularity in the marketplace, relatively often under the synonym Shiraz. Syrah is used both for varietal wines and in blended wines, where it can be both the major and minor component. It is called Syrah in its country of origin, France, as well as in the rest of Europe, Argentina, Chile, and most of the United States. The name Shiraz became popular for this grape variety in Australia, where it has long been established as the most grown dark-skinned variety. In Australia it was also commonly called Hermitage up to the late 1980s, but since that name is also a French Protected designation of origin, this naming practice caused problem on some export markets and was dropped. The name Shiraz for this grape variety is also commonly used in South Africa, Canada, and New Zealand. DNA profiling in 1999 found Syrah to be the offspring of two obscure grape varieties from southeastern France, Dureza and Mondeuse Blanche.
Suitable Zones:
This vine is suiteable for zones 6, 7, 8, 9, 10